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5 New Supermarket Products You Might Want to Try
Sometimes it is hard to know which new product appearing on grocery store shelves is worth a try and which is better left on the shelf. Here are five new supermarket products you might want to give a try when you see them at your store.
Breyers 80-Calorie Yogurt – With dessert style flavors like Strawberry Banana Split and Cinnamon Bun, this probiotic yogurt tastes more like a treat than a daily serving of calcium. This new yogurt offers one hundred percent fat-free, 80 calorie individual servings which are fortified with vitamins A and D and calcium with only 7 grams of sugar. With an anticipated cost of only $.69-$.89 cents per 6-oz cup, definitely a new item you might want to
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try. Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Tonno in Olive Oil – If you have trouble getting regular servings of omega-3 fatty acids, this might be a new product that could help. This new 5 oz gourmet style oil packed canned tuna provides protein rich yellow fin tuna in olive oil. With an anticipated cost around $1.99 per can with each can providing approximately 2 servings, it provides a healthier version of a standard favorite. Harvest Splendor Ridge Cut Sweet Potato Wedges – Sweet potato interest is on the rise and they provide a great source of vitamin A to your diet. Sometimes getting family members to give them a try is not always easy. Recently I tried some homemade Spicy Baked Sweet Potato “Fries” for my family. My teen-aged children liked them but they were a little time consuming to prepare. Perhaps
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these new Harvest Splendor wedges will provide another option when time is more limited for me. They might also be a way to introduce sweet potatoes to your family at times other than Thanksgiving. Simply Cookies – Sometimes you need freshly baked cookies but don't have the time to mix up a healthy batch on your own using flour, sugar and eggs. Pillsbury Simply… Cookies may be what you reach for next time you find yourself in this situation. These pre-packaged and ready to bake products provide basic ingredients that you would likely put in your mix if you had the time while providing zero trans fat, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. These are not as cost effective as when you make them from scratch since one dozen is expected to sell for around $3.49, however, when time is short and quality is important, it is nice to know there is a new option available. New Reformulated Miller Chill Beer – One hundred calorie servings have now arrived to light beer. This new reformulated beer provides just 100 calories and only 4 grams of carbohydrates in a 12-ounce serving while also offering a hint of lime. While we always encourage enjoying an "adult beverage" in moderation, this might be a better option for your next football tailgate party or friends gathering. Have you seen or tried any of these items on your store shelves already? Will you specifically watch for any of these items and if so, why?

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