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10 Great Jewellery Blogs And Why We Should Read Them If you enter �jewelery blogs� into a search engine, you�ll get plenty of results. However, when you start to pick Sale Ray-Ban Sunglasses through these results, you�ll see that many refer to handmade or homemade jewelery being produced by independent creators, and blogs attached to retail and wholesale marketers. While all of these kinds of blogs have their place in the blogosphere, what if you are looking for something a bit Sale Ray-Ban Sunglasses Free Shipping more independent and/or objective?

We�ve created our own personal list of the ten best jewelery and accessory blogs out there. You�ll also note that because jewelery and fashion are so entwined in the world of beauty, they tend to go hand in hand in the blogging universe. Have no fear if jewelery posts are all you�re interested in, you can usually find jewelery specific tags (ring, necklace, jewelery, gems, etc.) at the bottom of the posts. Clicking on one of these tags will bring up all of that blog�s posts with that tag.

So let�s get started. In no particular order, check out our fabulous blog recommendations!

1. fabsugar.com: A proud member of the Sugar, Inc. blogs catering to women�s interests, this blog is updated multiple times daily. It features fast and fun posts on fashion trends, designers, jewelery and accessory finds, as well as great interactive features for its readers. Readers can comment on each post, take quizzes, vote in �Love it or Hate it� polls, participate in contests, and go �Fab Finding� for different looks. Bonus blog: the UK edition has entirely different posts, catering to UK readers, and can be found at: http://uk.fashion.popsugar.com.

2. jewelry.about.com: Written by Carly Wickell, and a member of the About.com family, this blog is updated several times a week. The posts are informative, the pictures are clear, and you can even sign up for their jewelry/accessory newsletter.

3. accessories.about.com: Also in the About.com family, this blog is written by Kori Ellis, who lives 2015 new arrival Ray-Ban 1878 Sunglasses Outlet Sale 93012 and breathes fashion and all things related. Kori talks trends, designers, and up and comers, while also having a free newsletter you can sign up for.

4. jewelry weblog.com: With a slogan like �Glitter, Glamour, Gems and More�.�, you�ll be hard pressed not to find something you like about this blog. The posts are daily, include sharp and colorful pictures, and highlight a plethora of different jewelery stores and lines.

5. fashiontribes.com: This blog has a little of everything from fashion, jewelry, bags�all things beauty to inspire you and your shopping excursions.

6. seeprettythings.com: A great blog for all kinds of fashion accessories, jewelery, bags, and shoes. There are also great interactive features to let you vote on posts, email them to friends, and leave comments.

7. nitrolicious.com/blog: The blog layout alone looks great in dark gray and pink, but it also has a specific jewelry/accessories section, plus a great overall blog on all things fashion.

8. littlemollycake.com: This is a fun, personal blog from a fashion die hard, featuring her take on fashion lines, jewelry faves, and accessory love. The self portraits of the blog author sporting her finds are always entertaining!

9. blogs.smarter.com/fashion: Great for the price conscious fashion and jewelery aholics, this blog promises the look of high fashion and jewelry without the high price.

10. fashionindie.com: Last but certainly not least, this blog is colorful, features good size photos with great detail, and high quality perspectives on the fashion, accessory, and jewelery scene.

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